Chang Thang Plateau (Ladakh)

People of this region are called Changpas – nomads from western Tibet who have lived here for hundreds of years. An ancient culture inspired by religion and karma, rules the lives of these gentle, hardworking people. The Chang-Thang region is so remote that there is little or no recognition of it on maps. Its altitude and remoteness have provided a safe refuge to its exotic wildlife. This is the only place in the Himalayas where Lamagier (bone crusher) or the Himalayan eagle soars the skies and the shy and rarely seen snow leopard roams the rugged terrain. Herds of untamed Tibetan horses are often seen galloping down the high plains around the lake.

Elective to Ladakh, India
Article by Usha Murria
4th year Dental Student, University of Birmingham, UK
E-Mail: ushamurria@hotmail.com