Outer Himalayas (Winter Camp)

Travelling through the western Himalayas provides a rare opportunity to practice medicine in remote settings and to experience the culture and lifestyles of the native population. Clinics start at sites in villages and schools located in the Outer Himalayas. A drive further north takes us to Kullu, where we provide care at a monastic school and a Buddhist nunnery. Visit Manali, a popular destination for trekkers, campers, skiers and adventurers and head west to a small town called Bir, located 35 miles southeast of Dharamsala. Known for world class paragliding and home to thousands of Tibetan refugees, Bir and the entire valley is filled with monasteries and monastic institutions. A 7-day clinical period is scheduled to provide care to resident students at two Tibetan Children’s Village schools. Bir has an air of peace and tranquility providing visitors relief from the rigors of busy city life and making it an ideal meditation retreat.

The trip ends with a flight back to New Delhi from Dharamsala.

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