Spiti (Indo-Tibetan Borderland)

Once a part of the Guge (pronounced “Googay”) Empire of Tibet, Spiti lies in the Trans-Himalayan region, at the edge of Western Tibetan Plateau. This expedition takes us on a journey through this ancient Buddhist land where travel was restricted until 1992 and only a few adventurers had set foot.

Since 1997, our teams have been visiting Spiti Valley on annual basis. Spiti is sparsely populated with a count of one person for every square mile. Campsites include Tabo, Gui, Sumra, Mane, Dhankar and Rangrik villages. We visit Kibber (highest permanent human settlement in the world) and drive up Kunjum La Pass (14,700ft) on our way back to Manali. 

Medical Anecdotes from Spiti
Elisabeth Dumitriu
MS4 Griffith University

Article by Gabriel Pontipiedra
DO student
Burrell College of Medicine