Kargiakh (High Altitude Trek)

Team members will fly into New Delhi and take a domestic flight to Leh 11,500 ft (capital of (Ladakh). After acclimatizing in Leh and a 2-day fieldwork, we drive from to village Reru 12,628 feet. Following morning set on a trek which is high in altitude, rough, challenging and lies above the Himalayan tree line. All field sites are located between 12,000 ft – 13,500 ft., We trek and set camps at the villages of, Reru 12,628 ft , Purne 12,150 ft, Testa 12, 950 ft, Kargiakh 13,300 ft and finally after crossing over Shingo La pass 16,700 ft at Palmo/Chikka 11,500 ft. A drive from Chikka brings us to Manali 6,600 ft.

The region is Buddist dominated, peaceful and quiet but it is high, remote and rough. 7 months out of the year it is cut off from the rest of the world due to extreme cold and heavy snow accumulations.

Note: This is a very demanding trek with minimal comfort. It involves high altitude trekking (all of it above tree-line) in a rough mountainous terrain. Please take time to grasp the reality of this and conduct a personal inventory on yourself before signing-up.